Awesome skin care tips pt 2

So if you cleaned out all the artificial crap from your bathroom cupboard after my last post :), you might want some tips on what to fill it with next. Ok, so there are various brands out there that sell biological skin care products without a bunch of suspicious additives in them, for example Dr Hauschka, Annemarie Börlind or my swedish favorite Rosenserien. However my absolute favorite and nowadays exclusively monogamous skin care lover is something you can get at the supermarket for just a few € (or whatever your currency is 🙂 ).

I´m talking about a regular bottle of extra virgin olive oil, it´s unrefined and completely natural and contains tons of vitamins and essential fatty acids for your inside as well as your outside. So what do we do with this? You mix it with a little bit of castor oil, which is also a completely natural oil, derived from castor seeds. Castor oil is deep cleansing and anti inflammatory which makes it ideal for people suffering from acne, oily or combination skin (I´m one of them). I´d say about 95% olive oil mixed with 5% castor is a good start, but since castor oil is deep cleansing after a while your skin might start to feel a bit dry, then you just put more olive and less castor. It really doesn´t take a lot to get the super effects of the castor oil. And if your skin is dry or sensitive from the start then just put 99,99% olive oil and a only few drops of castor oil, see what works best for you.

So I use this as a facial cleanser every night. Thoroughly massage the oil blend into your skin to dissolve all dirt and make up, then wash it off with warm water and a wash cloth to gently rub off the oil. Now since the oils are naturally moisturizing you don´t need to apply any cream afterwards. (In the morning just rinse you face with water and if you want apply a day cream with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and pollution.)

In the begininng you might experience that your skin is actually getting worse (dirtier) but that´s only because all the dirt is being drawn up to the surface, so that´s a good thing. After all that crap is gone your skin will clear up. 🙂

If you have really inflamed acne I wouldn´t recommend this next one, which is a facial scrub, as it might irritate it, just use the olive castor oil blend until your skin has cleared up a bit.

This is a facial/body scrub that I use once a week to help remove dead skin cells and properly clean out stubborn pores. It´s basically baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) mixed with olive oil. (Mix it well in a small bowl.) First wash your face to get rid of make up and superficial dirt and so that your skin is soft, warm and slightly moist when applying the scrub. Lightly rub the mix onto your skin for a couple of minutes to make sure you get it all over and into your pores, then wash off with warm water and a wash cloth. This will give you baby butt skin, I swear!

Ok here´s you shopping list:

Organic extra virgin olive oil.
Organic unrefined castor oil. (For example this one from Fushi, but the important thing is that it´s unrefined and organic, as clean and natural as possible. (Refined castor oil will not work, believe me I bought one by accident once.)
Baking soda aka Sodium Bicarbonate (NOT baking powder, just saying in case there is some confusion).
A bottle for the olive-castor blend, preferably a dark glass one as it protects the oil from harmful sunlight, something like this:

Ok, I think that´s about it! Good luck! I also have more posts coming up on other awesome products so stay in touch if you´re interested! 🙂