Refreshing minty shower oil

mintyoilI have really sensitive skin and my arms and legs tend to get superdry during the cold winter months, less now since I moved to Spain, but still somewhat dry and itchy. So I decided to completely stop using soap, instead I now fully rely on my amazing home made shower oil. As we´ve clarified earlier, oil dissolves dirt, and natural oils are easily absorbed by your skin as opposed to the synthetic ones.

So here´s my recipe for my home made refreshing minty shower oil:

A bottle of sunflower oil (preferably organic unrefined). Sunflower oil is odor less which is why I picked it. Olive oil works too, but has a very distinctive smell and maybe you don´t want to walk around smelling like a mediterranean salad.

Castor oil (organic and unrefined).  Castor oil has deep cleansing and anti inflammatory qualities, but too much might have a dehydrating effect so just put about 1-2 tablespoons in there.

Peppermint essential oil. Or any other essential oil that has a scent you like. Vanilla, almond, floral scents, whatever your preference is. I like the peppermint because its very refreshing, especially during those hot humid summers. The scent doesn´t really stay with you that long after you get out of the shower though, so it provides more of an aromatherapeutic shower moment.

I just use the original sunflower oil bottle (since it´s already a dark glass bottle that protects the oil from oxidation) and put the castor oil and peppermint oil in there, but if you prefer something nicer you can buy another bottle, dark glass bottles are to be preferred.

Now oil can be a bit tricky to completely rinse off your skin so I use a sponge or a wash cloth to gently rub off the oil under warm running water.


Another kind of survival strategies

First it was the Japp chocolate bar commercial, and now this! Why do cavemen like this get to have a well paid writing job while awesome intelligent people like me still remain unpublished…?? What kind of publisher thought this would be a good book to give out in the year of 2012? I´ll tell you, they´re called Scholastic.

I now present to you How to survive anything, by Martin Oliver and Lottie Stride (Dear god woman! What did womankind ever do to you to make you hate your own gender this much??) The books come in two different versions, boys only and girls only, since we obviously encounter different dangers in life depending on the shape of our genitalia. (The links above go to the books on Amazon UK if you feel like dropping by and giving them a bad review.)

So let´s start with the boys only version:

These are the titles of the chapters:

How to Survive a shark attack
How to Survive in a Forest
How to Survive Frostbite
How to Survive a Plane Crash
How to Survive in the Desert
How to Survive a Polar Bear Attack
How to Survive a Flash Flood
How to Survive a Broken Leg
How to Survive an Earthquake
How to Survive a Forest Fire
How to Survive in a Whiteout
How to Survive a Zombie Invasion
How to Survive a Snakebite
How to Survive if Your Parachute Fails
How to Survive a Croc Attack
How to Survive a Lightning Strike
How to Survive a T-Rex
How to Survive Whitewater Rapids
How to Survive a Sinking Ship
How to Survive a Vampire Attack
How to Survive an Avalanche
How to Survive a Tornado
How to Survive Quicksand
How to Survive a Fall
How to Survive a Swarm of Bees
How to Survive in Space

Pretty good and interesting tips for a kid to pick up, right?! If I had a son I´d gladly buy him this one, if it weren´t for the fact that the same publishing company had decided to make a girls only version in the same series.
Now, let´s see what kind of life threatening situations young girls might end up in…

(Ahh, and the cover illustration gives such promise, oh well…)

How to survive a BFF Fight
How to Survive Soccer Tryouts
How to Survive a Breakout (That would be skin not jail.)
How to Show You’re Sorry
How to Have the Best Sleepover Ever
How to Take the Perfect School Photo
How to Survive Brothers
Scary Survival Dos and Don’ts
(“Don’t throw things or yell at your ghost, it may react badly.”) (Noted! Thanks!)
How to Handle Becoming Rich
How to Keep Stuff Secret
How to Survive Tests
How to Survive Shyness
How to Handle Sudden Stardom
More Stardom Survival Tips (Oh good, cause one chapter just didn´t feel like enough when it comes to this very common life and death situation…)
How to Survive a Camping Trip
(“fresh air is excellent for the skin”)
How to Survive a Fashion Disaster (Oh come on!!)
How to Teach Your Cat to Sit (Haven´t we all been victimized by those damn cats who just don´t know how to sit?!)
How to Turn a No Into a Yes (Uhm…okay…question mark…)
Top Tips for Speechmaking
How to Survive Embarrassment
How to Be a Mind Reader
How to Survive a Crush
Seaside Survival
(“Don’t wear heels, tie your hair back, sunglasses add glamour.”)
How to Soothe Sunburn
How to Pick Perfect Sunglasses
Surviving a Zombie Attack (Finally something useful! Oh wait, zombies don´t actually exist…)
How to Spot a Frenemy
Brilliant Boredom Busters
How to Survive Truth or Dare
How to Beat Bullies (Fair enough, I´ll give you this one.)
How to be an Amazing Babysitter

Apparently the only situation both boys and girls may be a victim to is the zombie invasion, and we all know how often those happen… Luckily Scholastic received so much criticism for these books they had to “apologize” (well they acknowledged the criticism given at least) and ensure that no further copies of these books would be available. That´s a step in the right direction I guess, but my question is still; why were they made available in the first place??

The Bell Pepper blog IS good for sex!

I love what people search for when they get to this blog!

PS. I love it even more that people actually google this blog! Yay! I´m famous! 😉

Although my design blog still takes the cake when it comes to original search words; “tulle fetish, penis ring, mummified fetish, what is a black penis candle used for, hot dominant muslim girls…” The list goes on and on, and apparently the answers are all in my blog. Well I´m glad I could help!

Have you lost your sense of adventure?

Ok, just so that we´re clear, for a girl an adventure is going for a manicure, whereas for a guy it´s being shot out of a canon. Excuse me while I go vomit! Who comes up with these moronic ideas??

And PS. Am I the only one who felt like having your arm up a cows vagina would be considered a somewhat bigger adventure? But maybe I just lost my sense of adventure as well…