About yours truly

I´m a former health and supplement advisor and a self proclaimed know-it-all in the field of health and wellness. I used to live in the Kingdom of Sweden but in my late twenties, while studying to be a nurse, working and expecting a pretty non-dramatic ordinary future, I realized I hated my life. To the point where I couldn´t even find a good reason to drag myself out of bed in the morning, the world was just a dark, grey and boring place. So after a lot of soul searching and the advice of some remarkable people I realized what needed to be done; I dropped out of school, quit my job, packed my bags and moved to Barcelona to study fashion design. I´ve now been living here since fall 2009 and I´ve never been this happy in my life. The world is full of colors, creativity and movement, I´m constantly learning new things and evolving as a person, and life is just pretty amazing. 🙂

My awesome self in short:

I´m a firm believer in positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. Whatever energy you send out (positive or negative) it will come back to you.

I´m a fan of natural skin care and love to mix up my own home made products.

I´m a proud feminist, and for those of you not in the know, it means I believe in equal human rights for everyone regardless of gender.

I´m not religious but I do believe in a spiritual world.

I eat low carb high fat food (LCHF), which is a lifestyle promoting natural healthy food low in carbohydrates. No artificial crap packed with sugar, starch and suspicious additives.

So to sum up, I´m a fantastic person and if you want awesome advice on life and how to be a happier healthier person you need to read my blog. 🙂

Oh, and why is it called The Bell Pepper blog you might ask. Well first of all Bell Peppers are delicious, hands down my favorite vegetable. They´re also super nutritious and come in bright happy colors, just like my life. 🙂


7 thoughts on “About yours truly

  1. hello there just came along to your budding blog and it’s great! i too am into all things health and learning the truth….i recently did a post on Crazy Sexy Diet….if you dont know about Kris Carr, definitely check out the video on my blog…..she is a true inspiration!

  2. Hi Alex – we are low carb weight loss centre in Australia . Would love to use your food pyramid diagram in some of our info and handouts. Please advise if this is allowed. Julie.

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