Refreshing minty shower oil

mintyoilI have really sensitive skin and my arms and legs tend to get superdry during the cold winter months, less now since I moved to Spain, but still somewhat dry and itchy. So I decided to completely stop using soap, instead I now fully rely on my amazing home made shower oil. As we´ve clarified earlier, oil dissolves dirt, and natural oils are easily absorbed by your skin as opposed to the synthetic ones.

So here´s my recipe for my home made refreshing minty shower oil:

A bottle of sunflower oil (preferably organic unrefined). Sunflower oil is odor less which is why I picked it. Olive oil works too, but has a very distinctive smell and maybe you don´t want to walk around smelling like a mediterranean salad.

Castor oil (organic and unrefined).  Castor oil has deep cleansing and anti inflammatory qualities, but too much might have a dehydrating effect so just put about 1-2 tablespoons in there.

Peppermint essential oil. Or any other essential oil that has a scent you like. Vanilla, almond, floral scents, whatever your preference is. I like the peppermint because its very refreshing, especially during those hot humid summers. The scent doesn´t really stay with you that long after you get out of the shower though, so it provides more of an aromatherapeutic shower moment.

I just use the original sunflower oil bottle (since it´s already a dark glass bottle that protects the oil from oxidation) and put the castor oil and peppermint oil in there, but if you prefer something nicer you can buy another bottle, dark glass bottles are to be preferred.

Now oil can be a bit tricky to completely rinse off your skin so I use a sponge or a wash cloth to gently rub off the oil under warm running water.


Eating without guilt


This photo was posted on the swedish Weight Watchers Facebook page the other day. For those of you who aren´t fluent in swedish I can tell you that that´s the swedish Weight Watchers logo on the back of the car. On the back window it says; “Weight loss that lasts? Follow us, we know the way!” (Oh yeah and that´s the McDonalds Drive through if you didn´t notice.) Maybe most of you see this picture as ironic, but actually  this represents the Weight Watchers philosophy pretty well. Eat any crap you want as long as you count the calories. The problem with all these low calorie starvation diets, such as WW, Cambridge, Herbalife etc is that they don´t focus on health, it´s all about weight loss and starving yourself to get there as fast as possible, using all different kinds of low-fat high sugar food substitutes. It´s not about feeling better by providing your body with the nutrients it needs, it´s about hating yourself to the point where you are willing to deny your body of nutrition in order to be skinnier. That´s what diets are about, self hatred. You are not good enough. Instead of learning how to love ourselves now and because of that want what´s best for ourselves we must strive for physical perfection through hating ourselves, and feeling guilty every time we fall off the diet/self starvation wagon. Hate and guilt, a small price to pay for being perfect.