The simplicity of getting everything you want

All you need to do is let go of the negative energies that surround you in your life. And yeah, I know that´s sometimes easier said than done. I may be a bundle of optimism on this blog but I lose my faith sometimes too. Especially when people and the world around you are demanding things from you, reminding you of all the crap, trying to feed you their bad energy. It wasn´t until I discovered something, the lesson I was supposed to learn from these moments, that I finally broke the pattern. I needed to learn how to say no, to stop being afraid of hurting people or complicating things for them. It´s not my job to fix up their lives, not my job to make them happy. That´s their own job. My only job is to make me happy. So if you´re feeling like bad things are just adding up on you, try to break the pattern by just saying no, then there will be more room for happiness in your life.

So having resolved that little obstruction, I´m ready to take on some more good things, thank you! 🙂