Warning! Angry feminist rant!

So this photo has been circling around Facebook for a while now. I like it because it represents a kind of sexism that absolutely drives me crazy. The sexism by nice guy trick. You see this guy, he´s just trying to be nice and helpful to us girls. Cause obviously somewhere along the quest of pleasing the male population we women just got it wrong, so wrong! Nice clothes and make up, that´s not what men want, they just want natural beauty. Isn´t that great?! Thank god this guy finally stepped up to the plate, and took the responsibility of educating women everywhere, on what it is that men want. And also at the same time cementing the belief that womens´ sole purpose in life is to be attractive to the opposite sex. We don´t wear nice clothes and make up for any other reason than to get the male population to notice us so they will want to fuck us. That´s it, all we care about is our fuckability.

I have on a number of occasions, and I´m sure a lot of you have as well, met one of these guys. “Men don´t want skinny girls, men like curves, so you should just stop dieting!” (“Oh really?? Praise the lord!!”) Did you ever stop to think for a minute that maybe, juuust maybe, I actually don´t give a shit if you want to fuck me or not?! That maybe I have bigger ambitions in life than to please the entire testosterone filled half of the population?? That maybe I eat the way I do because I´m actually concerned about my health so that I can live a long happy life doing things that I love (and that does not include doing you)!? Maybe I wear make up because I find it a creative and fun way of expressing who I am!? Maybe I wear nice clothes and jewelry because I enjoy looking at pretty things!?

So yes, this might come as a shock to all of you “nice guys” out there, but women don´t need your help learning how to be more attractive, because we´re not interested in being reviewed by you anyway, and how we choose to present ourselves in this world is non of your fucking business!


5 thoughts on “Warning! Angry feminist rant!

  1. Ah, that’s true. Very frustrating. But it’s still a shame that the woman easily comes off as bitchy because of the come-back… what would be a nice(r) way of telling them off…? It’s a bit tricky to be a feminist but not sound like you’re extremely angry all the time…

  2. Yes, that´s very true! Personally, I usually try to be more diplomatic, but last night while writing I ended up in an angry feminist rant mode, and just couldn´t get out, hence all the f-words, haha! (However I think the woman in the photo doesn´t come off that angry.) I would love tips of a good comeback for those moments though, just a really good line that points out the stupidity of what was just being said.

  3. When I face something like that, I think I’ll try matter-of-factly asking the “nice” guys: “don’t you realize how condescending that is?” and then go from there (if I can avoid the angry feminist rant;). Most nice guys really aren’t that bad.. they’re brainwashed by society… just like the rest of us.

  4. …I’m sure when the kid made that picture, he wasn’t talking about you. Sorry to kill your entire “rant”. I could always be wrong, but this was made for the millions of girls who think they need make up and nice clothes for guys like home to be happy. If you’re not one of those millions of girls….then what’s the problem? He’s letting a specific few know what the deal is. He’s not taking away your rights. He’s not trying to hurt you. He’s not telling you what to do. What you see is what you get. It’s not a nice guy trick. He’s just a nice guy.

    • This is a problem on a structural level, that there are women out there who feel like their appearance (with or without make up and nice clothes) are for men to give their approval or not. (Hello patriarchy!) And this guy is a part of that problem because he thinks for some reason that he needs to save the female population by telling them what he, as a man, likes. He´s not working against beauty standards, he´s just creating new ones. In order to please him, she shouldn´t wear make up and nice clothes, she just needs to have natural beauty, which is ironically even harder to accomplish. So yeah if you´re an insecure girl out there and you don´t fall into the mould of what´s considered naturally beautiful, then you´re screwed, you will be alone forever, and that´s probably not the most encouraging thing to read.

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