Drugs Cigarettes Alcohol…and Sugar?

The final episode of The Skinny on Obesity. Dr Robert Lustig talks about regulations on sugar in society. It´s a good idea in theory, but I think we are far from it becoming a reality. Unfortunately there is so much money in the sugar industry and a many countries´ economy depends on selling agricultural products, which is why the governments out there are still claiming fat is the enemy and we should consume high carb low fat foods to stay healthy, even though the escalating pandemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease has been claiming the opposite for the past 30 years.

I think the best weapon in these crazy times is education. I still have hopes for humanity, I still believe most of us are intelligent people, I´ve said it before, we need to stop letting other people think for us, and instead take charge of our own lives and our own health. If everybody starts making healthier food decisions and stop buying sugary starchy crap, the food industry will eventually be forced to change their selection of products. In Sweden the low carb high fat lifestyle is growing and the results are already showing in the supermarkets, real butter is flying of the shelves whereas margarine sales are going down.

Swedish supermarket offering margarine on sale (5 SEK = about 50 cents) in a desperate attempt to get rid of it before the expiration date. Image from kostdoktorn.se

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don´t have any.


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