We are spiritual beings having human experiences

Every now and then I get into a discussion with people about their spiritual beliefs and what happens when you die. I believe in a spiritual world, and that we never really die, we just recycle. When our bodies stop functioning our souls go back to the spiritual home we came from, we rest and revise the lessons learned from this life, and then we go back and are born into another body. We are put here on earth to go through challenges that will help us evolve as spirits. I´m not afraid to die, because I know that our home is a place more wonderful than this, and our souls are always safe, they can not be harmed, only our bodies can be harmed, and they are just a shell, a tool we use to get the work done. I`m always grateful for the challenges life gives me (even though sometimes it feels like you just want to crawl into a fetal position and cry), because no matter what happens I will learn from it and come out a wiser stronger person.

When I tell people this, I get different reactions, there are the ones who think I´m crazy, the ones who agree with me and every now and then you get the ones who have an experience of realisation (those are my favorites). What amazes me though are the ones that think I`m crazy, that always need to pull out the old argument of “if it can´t be scientifically proven, it can not exist”. (Sigh…) And I receive a lecture in how are bodies work, that everything is just a chemical reaction, our feelings, our thoughts, we´re really just highly advanced robots with the ability to interact with other highly advanced robots. (How is that not the most depressing thing you´ve ever heard?) Look, I studied physiology, I know how the biochemistry of our bodies work. I`m a smart person, but that also makes me believe that this can´t be all there is. There´s a collaboration going on between our minds and bodies, we are one for the whole life we´re here. We´re not just robots, we´re so much more than that. I don´t need that to be scientifically proven, it´s already real in my world. I`m sorry that some people can not feel that, but I guess they have a different lesson to learn in this life, and their minds aren´t as open yet.

The funny thing is though, these people, they go through mid-life crisis (or any other life-crisis), fear of death, fear of life, fear of people, fear of failing, fear of losing loved ones etc, while I´m happy and content trusting the universe to guide me to where I need to go, and yet they´re telling me I´m doing it wrong.


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