Make a vision board

I know positive thinking is a lot easier said than done sometimes (if you would have asked me a few years ago I would even have said most of the times). I used to be terrified of positive thinking cause I thought it meant jinxing things that I really wanted. I thought, if I expect the worst, I won´t be disappointed when the good things don´t happen. Well the worst rarely ever happened, however, the best never happened either. I was just stuck in this vacuum of waiting, needless to say, bored out of my mind. Everything was grey, dark, and the world around me was sucking the life force out of me a little more every day. Then I moved to Barcelona, and had an intense wake up call for my soul. For about 2 years I was on an emotional roller coaster, going from the highs of extreme creative happiness to the rock bottom lows edging on depression. A few months ago I was slipping into one of the dark lows again, when the universe decided it was time to give me a nudge in the right direction.

Within 24 hours three different people (with no connection in between them) mentioned the book The Secret to me. I had seen the cover before, but never reflected on what it was. Now I was intrigued though, so I got myself the audio book to listen to while working (I like being efficient). Well, I hated it! The people on the CD, the author among others, sounded like they were doing an infomercial. “Do you want a million dollars?” “Do you want to lose weight?” “Do you want to be rich and famous?” “The secret can give you all this, buy it now!” (More or less like that anyway.) It made me cringe! (Why do they even have to call it “the secret”, like it´s some big mysterious hocus pocus magic? It was just giving me cult vibes, and I had a really hard time taking it seriously.)

However, the concept intrigued me still, so I had a conversation with one of my best friends, she´s very spiritual and a practitioner of the law of attraction. She explained it to me in a way that actually made sense. Like attracts like. Positive thoughts make you happy, and lead you to sending out positive vibes, which leads to positive energy surrounding you, which leads to you attracting other positive energies such as people and events. Then I found the book by Michael Losier; The Law of Attraction, which explained everything more in detail (without the freaky infomercial cult subtext this time). So if you´re interested in learning more on LoA, I´d recommend the following authors; Michael Losier or Esther & Jerry Hicks. Great books! (Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote the original LoA books, that The Secret is based on.)

Anyway, I was going to give you my best pick-me-up tips! Cause I still get the dips sometimes, the ones where I just want to stay in bed, eat Ben & Jerry´s and feel sorry for myself. It´s ok if you do sometimes, what´s important is not to let it take over. Ok, it happened, now get out of bed and move on with your life! And here´s one of the ways I do that:

I have a vision board! On my bed room wall hangs a board, it´s completely covered in the things that make me smile. All my positive qualities are written there, all the things I´m grateful for in my life, all the things I wish for. It´s all there, represented in text or images. Whenever I feel down I take five minutes and just stand in front of my vision board, looking at the images, reading the words, taking it all in and realizing that all that belongs to me! It´s all a part of me, who I am! This is also a great way to start each day when you´re just beginning to turn your life around by changing your negative thought patterns into more positive ones. Every morning you step out of bed and spend the first five minutes of your day looking at all the things that make you happy. Remember to always keep the board updated by adding new wishes and wonderful things that come into your life.

So what do I want? Here´s my favorite exercise from Michael Losiers book, it really helped me reach clarity of what it actually is that I want in life. I did it in my head while out power walking one day, but for you it might be more efficient using the work sheet (or just a pen and any piece of paper).


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