The Skinny on Obesity pt 5

Now, I´ve never squeezed a baby out of my vagina so there´s probably a lot of people out there thinking I have no say in this, however I have a hard time understanding women who get pregnant and go; “I´m going to get fat anyway so I´m just gonna eat whatever I want.” Correct me if I´m wrong but shouldn´t this be the time when you really pay attention to what you put in your body? Shouldn´t these 9 months of your life be all about healthy natural food with lots of necessary nutrients for you and your baby, and not at all about eating sugary transfatty cookies, potato chips and other junk? I just find it interesting that women are advised not to eat fish, containing essential fatty acids for both mother and baby (more on this in an upcoming post), because fish might contain mercury (can be avoided by choosing fresh fish), but they are encouraged to stuff their bodies with ice cream, cookies, chips, and soda, because “they´re going to get fat anyway, and might as well enjoy it as much as possible…”

I´m very picky about what I put into my body (I´m borderline OCD with reading the ingredients of my food purchases making sure there´s no artificial crap in it), and if I ever were to get pregnant one day I can only imagine that taking on a ten-fold increase in obsessiveness. Now I´m just potentially destroying my own body, but to do the same to a brand new baby body with no chance of defending itself…(!!!) The thing is, I´m sure all mothers-to-be out there want what´s best for their babies, nobody actually wants to ruin their babies´ health. The problem is the lack of information on what sugar and transfats do to your body, well there´s plenty of information out there, but it rarely reaches its targets unfortunately. People tend to think that if it´s in their grocery store labelled as food it´s completely safe to put in their mouths. Here´s a useful tip; the food industry doesn´t care about your health, it cares about selling products in order to make more money. Don´t rely on them to make healthy choices for you, instead take control of your own life, educate yourself and start making good choices based on knowledge instead of capitalism!

(For more information, links to research studies referenced in the videos, and a quiz on food addiction, go to website


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