What do you think feminism is?

Picture from FB group A girl’s guide to taking over the world.

One thing that really drives me crazy is when people go; I´m antifeminism but pro gender equality. Feminism and gender equality are the exact same things! Feminism is about people having equal human rights regardless of their gender. That´s it! Now there is always going be the small click of extremists, the ones that think women are superior to men and wants a matriarchal society, however thinking they are the true representatives of feminism is like thinking all muslims are terrorists. It´s just a small group of people misconstruing the foundation of the belief, in order to fit their own, often not so humane, agenda. I can honestly say every single feminist I´ve met have been a supporter of the true base of feminism; equal rights for all men and women.

This is a comment I saw written on a blog once (can´t remember which) but I thought it summed it all up so perfectly I copy pasted it and saved it on my computer:

“There are still women in the world being sold by their fathers, who can´t leave the house without a man escorting her, who are raped as little girls because they show their hair and therefor are considered whores, there are wars going on with hundreds of thousands of rape victims each year… Do you think it´s wrong that the only reason this is happening to these people is that they were born with a vagina? Congratulations, you´re a feminist!”


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