Fruits & Vegetables

One thing I don´t like is when people always put fruits and vegetables together, they say them like it´s one word; fruitsnvegetables. Like they are equally healthy. The problem is, and not a lot of people know this, is that fruits contain a ton of sugar, whereas veggies do not. Fruit mainly consist of water, sugar and some vitamins, minerals and fibers. But still, isn´t fruit sugar healthier than regular sugar, since it comes naturally in the fruit, you´re probably thinking. Not really, since it still has the same effect in your body, it raises your blood sugar and triggers your insulin production. Vegetables on the other hand have barely any carb content to speak of, of course it differs depending on what vegetable we are referring to, but in general it´s very low. Vegetables are also, in general, higher in vitamins/minerals/fibers compared to their fruity friends. For example broccoli or red bell peppers contain a lot more vitamin C than an orange. So if your fighting a cold, instead of drinking the obligatory glass of orange juice (with the same sugar concentration as Coca-Cola, see below), maybe add some steamed broccoli to your lunch plate, or snack on a delicious bell pepper. It will give you the vitamin C boost that you need but without affecting your blood sugar.

This is interesting, a comparison between the sugar content of 100g of an orange and 100g of Coca-Cola.


Sugar 3,6 g
Fructose 2,7 g
Dextrose 2,6 g


Sugar 4,0 g
Fructose 3,4 g
Dextrose 3,5 g

Look, before you get all upset with me, I´m not saying fruit is a bad thing, it´s just highly overrated. It is still a lot healthier than say a Twix bar or a bag of potato chips, a donut or all the sugary gelatinous candy that exists out there. So if your choice is between that and an apple, I´d go with the apple, any day. My point with this post is just to make people a bit more aware, a lot of people out there want to cut down on the sugar for health reasons (for example people fighting a sugar addiction) and it can be useful to know, that fruit has the same effect on your brain, blood sugar and insulin as regular sugar.


4 thoughts on “Fruits & Vegetables

  1. This is so true. Sugar is trouble in so many ways. For instance, I can’t eat fruit that has an excess amount of fructose in it because I’m a fructose malabsorber.

    • Yeah, I have a similar problem. My body responds the same way to an apple as it does to a bowl of ice cream. :S Sugar is sugar. You should watch the videos I posted earlier, it´s dr Robert Lustig talking about the harmful effects of fructose in our bodies. Just scroll down to The skinny on obesity part 2 – Sickeningly sweet. (Well the whole series is worth a look if you have time.) 🙂

  2. So very true. It’s all just sugar and our systems seem to be overloaded with the sweet stuff with our diets these days!

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